Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nature Gathered

Welcome to our challenge!! We are a group of mixed-media artists who have entered into a year-long challenge to create one, nature-themed 8" by 8" canvas each month for the next twelve months. Each month a different member of the group will decide the theme for the upcoming month and the members will interpret the theme in whatever media they choose, as long as the finished art fits on an 8" by 8" canvas. The challenge begins on July 1, 2008, with the first piece due to be posted on July 31, 2008. A new theme will be announced by the middle of each month to give us all a chance to complete the next work of art. When the piece is completed, we will post a photo of our work on the blog with a blog entry, short or long, explaining our process and inspiration. At the end of the year, the Sixth Street Gallery in Vancouver, Washington has graciously offered to sponsor a show of our work in their "Green Room". Please share our journey through the seasons and beauty of nature over the coming year. Welcome and enjoy!!

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Wisteria Cottage Arts said...

OH I'll be following you all on your journey. Found you as I wake to the sounds of morning Birdsong, Cardinals ( and other many ) outside my window, and have you noticed how one voice starts and then a cresendo til the whole forest is singing......colleen in NH