Monday, July 21, 2008

Early Morning Song

Mornings are the most calming time of the day for me. I love to rise to the soft serene noises that welcome the coming day. Bird songs combine notes in a symphony where the melody sung by the various birds create harmonic blends as though written by one of the great composers.

As I listened to the music I spotted a small vermillion flycatcher peering from a nearby tree. Was he a gift for my thirsty soul?

His colors were vibrant against the morning sky. They looked much like the horizon rich with color. His song was joyful as he welcomed the early morning sun,looking toward the heavens as if he were singing praises and thanks. He sat there for the longest time and I watched intently in awe as the gentle breeze caused his feathers to wave softly.....

He became the inspiration for my July challenge.

I gathered paints, brushes, water and canvas, then cleared a spot on the table so I could begin attempting to capture his beauty in my work.

Oh my, where to begin? I sketched an outline of the tree and leaves then the vermillion on a piece of white paper. This would be the beginning of my creation.

I covered the canvas with white acrylic paint to seal the pores then mixed light blue paint with white to cover the top third of the canvas. Using a light green mixed with white I covered the bottom of the canvas. The colors were extended around the edges of the canvas. I used graphite paper to trace the outline of my drawing onto the canvas. Since I was using a stretched canvas with two inch sides I thought I would have the tree wrap around the edge. Once the rough sketch was transfered to the canvas I began to paint the tiny bird, tree and leaves.

Carefully I applied a base coat for each object in the picture...brown for the tree and branches, green for the leaves, black for the dark areas of the vermillion and orange for the areas where his vibrant colors are located. I love painting botanicals so the tree and leaf colors seemed to flow from the brush as I dipped it carefully into each color. The strokes were small and required a careful hand.

I lost myself in this tiny creature as I began to paint his small yet brilliantly colored feathers. The black feathers surrounding his eyes remind me of a bandit that was waiting patiently to grab a treasure. His treasure of flies and other insects were way too small for me to capture on the canvas so I will just let you imagine that he must be watching one silently....Ready to strike at any moment!

Here is the final piece that I will be placing in my art studio where it will remind me of the early morning song he sang as he serenaded me on a bright sunny summer day.

What a darling little musical performer!

He sings his song just for me..
As he sits high within the tree.

My day has begun with a smile...
And a song that warms my heart.

Art and image copyrighted 2008 by Marylin Huskamp


purple bird art said...

What a beautiful little bird, Mary Lin - I have never seen one but I can almost hear this one singing!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

A song he must sing for us...


Anonymous said...

Your bird looks fantastic! He looks as if he has just taken a deep breath to continue his sweet song for you.

bee shay said...

Mary Lin, please tell me what i need to do to lure this vermillion flycatcher to my feeder. no wonder you were inspired to paint. the piece has a simplicity of form that i really admire. thanks for being in touch with your surroundings and helping this little bird find it's way to your canvas.