Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Classical View...

I went through my library of photographs taken in many different places, and I have selected the ones that best represent the Greek classical views of the realms of the cosmos. Each one is printed separately, trimmed, and adhered to the pre-gessoed board. The Greek symbols, words, and statement were also cut and glued on top of the pictures. They were also highlighted with acrylic glaze, and the overall surface is coated with polymer medium.

The pictures above were taken at these following locations (going clockwise, starting with upper left corner): Lake Winnepsaukee, NH; Holderness, NH; near Yarnell, AZ; and Bellevue, WA.

Art and image copyright 2009 by Andrew Borloz - all rights reserved.


Mary lin Huskamp said...

OMG!! This is FABULOUS!! I love the colors and the arrangement!

&rew said...

Oh, Marylin, thank you so much for your nice comment!