Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Last Two Pieces

I almost forgot to get these posted on the blog. Like Tracie Lyn, life has gotten in the way of my plans for the summer. But....I did remember and here are my "Elements" and "The Heavens".

The Elements is an interactive piece. In continuing my mountain theme, I used four pictures from Hokusai's 32 Visions of Mount Fuji to represent each element. The individual element cards can be flipped up to display the next. This was a challenging and fun piece.

The Heavens came together in about two days. I had been thinking of how to do this one for about a month, not really getting anywhere and being stumped about it. Last Friday I had a vision and in one day I had the fabric and half the work done. The fabric is creatively quilted, the nebula is printed on inkjet canvas and the mountain, continuing again with the mountain theme, is printed on cardstock and everything is glued to the fabric covered canvasboard.

This has been a wonderful and challenging journey. I've played with techniques that I've never done before and stepped further out of my box than I thought I'd ever get. Thank you to everyone for pushing me out of my comfort zone.


Art and images copyright 2009 Z'anne Bakke - all rights reserved


&rew said...

That flipping up concept is so cool! I can't wait to see it in person as I will be coming to the reception. And very interesting story about the Heavens, indeed. Congratulations on completing the journey!

purple bird art said...

Z'anne - I love the Mt. Hood creation and look forward to seeing it in person - it seems to glow...

Suzie Wolfer LCSW said...

Zanne, very cool concept for the elements, I love interactive art. How'd the idea come to you? How did you make the hinges?

Z'anne said...

Thank you, everyone!!!

Andrew! Yeah, I'm glad you are coming! It wouldn't be right without you. Can't wait to see your work up close and personal.

Jan, when the Nebulous Mt. Hood came together, it really surprised me too, with how it seemed to glow all by itself. I love it when those things happen, don't you?

Suzie, I ain't tellin', you'll just have to wait for the reception. *chuckle* Actually it was very simple. I took some origami papers, cut them about an inch wide and a bit shorter than the card, folded them in half, glued one half to the card and the other to the canvas, starting from the bottom up so I didn't accidently glue them all down together.