Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have always been enamored with butterflies. When the entomology theme was introduced, it was an easy choice for the subject.

The work is painted on fabric using acrylic washes, along with stitching, beading, and additional washes applied of an iridescent paint and liquid gold leafing. There is only a small bit of collage incorporated into the piece.

The exploration of pattern continues with a play on the idea of a garden through the interpretation of an antique Victorian floral wallpaper design.

Again, I pose the question to the viewer of whether the butterfly is real or part of the wallpaper. He casts a patterned shadow of stars to aid in this transition from tabletop to wall.

An additional note, the butterfly is actually 3 dimensional. Although difficult to see in the posted image, the body is sewn to the background allowing the wings to lift just like in real life.

Art and image copyrighted 2008 by Tracie Huskamp

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purple bird art said...

Tracie - this is so lifelike and beautiful - I love how the butterfly looks as if it will fly away at any moment!