Monday, December 15, 2008


Must be the snow outside, the wind chill of 9 degrees above zero and more snow to come that inspired this piece and it's black and white theme.

These wolves know how to survive this climate, even thrive. Maybe that's what the key means. . . The birch is as good survivor as well, so beautiful and so strong.

Most of the elements in this piece were collected on my daily walks in the Johnson Creek water shed.

Must confess though, the wolf image was collected from a chocolate bar at Good Seasons! But eating chocolate is part of surviving well too!

I nearly called this piece "Ode to a chocolate bar." But I like winter better.


Art and images copyright 2008 by Suzie Wolfer


purple bird art said...

I like your subject matter and composition - I have my eye on a new Nikon too - a digital SLR - there is an article on wolves in Backpacker magazine this month that shows just how endangered this species is when up against man

Mary lin Huskamp said...

Great the way you incorporated your finds in this piece. The eyes of the wolf always seem to look beyond the horizon.